Hernias can be complex. Learning more doesn’t have to be.

In addition to your mesh options, you should also discuss surgical approach options with your doctor.

Open Repair

In an open repair, an incision is made at the site of the hernia. The mesh is placed between layers of muscle for the most durable repair.1

Laparoscopic Repair

Laparoscopic repairs are a type of minimally invasive surgery and may only require small "key hole" incisions. These repairs use a small camera and specialized minimally invasive tools.

Patients may experience a faster recovery following a laparoscopic repair compared to an open surgery.2

Robotic Hernia Repair

Similar to laparoscopic repair, a robotic hernia repair is a minimally invasive surgery requiring small incisions. The surgeon controls the procedure from a specialized robotic console.2

Patients may experience a faster recovery following robotic surgery compared to an open surgery.3

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