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Bioresorbable Mesh

A bioresorbable (or absorbable) mesh is made of natural biomaterials that are not considered foreign material to the body and are designed to dissolve over time. The mesh material is intended to break down and be absorbed into the body, leaving new tissue growth to protect and support the site of the repair.3,4


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Synthetic Mesh

A synthetic mesh implant is made from plastic (e.g., polypropelene or polyester) and is a permanent implant used to repair hernias. Synthetic meshes remain in the body to help provide long term reinforcement to the repair, and are considered a more traditional approach.3,4 Surgical mesh made of synthetic materials can be found in knitted mesh or non-knitted sheet forms.


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Biologic Graft

A biologic graft is an implant derived from animal (cow or pig) or human tissue, such as intestine or skin, that is processed and disinfected to be suitable for implantation. A biologic graft is most often used in complicated hernia repair procedures and is intended to dissolve over time to help support the repair as the body heals.3,4


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Surgical Options

Multiple surgical approaches can be used to repair your hernia, including open surgical, laparoscopic, or robotic. Choosing the right one for you depends on your surgeon’s preference, your hernia type, and your unique situation.

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