Types of Hernias

types of herniasWhat type of hernia do you have?

If it's above the belt, you may have a ventral or Abdominal Hernia.

If it's along the incision line from a previous surgery, you may have an Incisional Hernia.

If it's around your belly button, you may have an Umbilical Hernia.

If it's below the belt, you may have a groin or Inguinal Hernia.

If it's near the top of your leg, you may have a Femoral Hernia

If you experience gastric reflux, you may have a Hiatal or Paraesophageal Hernia.

Hundreds of thousands of hernia repair operations are performed each year both with and without surgical mesh, and patients generally recover quickly and do well after surgery. However, all surgical procedures are associated with some risk. Speak to your surgeon prior to surgery about possible risks and complications. Some of the possible complications include adverse reactions to the mesh, adhesions (bands of scar-like tissue) and injuries to nearby organs, nerves or blood vessels. Other complications of hernia repair can occur with or without the mesh, including infection, chronic pain and hernia recurrence.

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